About us

“Stabmeldys” is a small family whippet hobby kennel based in Lithuania, Vilnius city, FCI/LKD registered in 2011 and owned by me alias Ms Ramune Eugenija Tovstucha. And since I know it may present some difficulties – one pronounces “Stabmeldys” like “Stabmeldees” and “Tovstucha” like “Tovstouha” :D (yeah, those Lithuanian and Russian names….)

Actually, “kennel” is quite a big word when speaking about us, as I have litters only every 2-3 years and so far have kept a puppy for myself from every single one. So basically we are the 4 whippet gang led by me and assisted by my spouse who’s truly a VERY big help. We live in sub-urban part of Vilnius in a small house where we have moved from an apartment in order to give our dogs an opportunity to bake in the sun in their own small yard.

I’ve been “dog-crazy” for as long as I remember and came all the way from a dogless kennel assistant in my teens to a whippet owner-breeder-handler in my twenties and hopefully ‘till the end of times! I take the breeding and the cynology in general seriously, so I follow FCI breeding procedures to a dot and educate myself constantly by all possible means. Since 2016 I am an approved FCI/LKD Ring Steward & Secretary, slowly moving towards my FCI Judging Licence.

Despite being “dog-crazy”, I’ve never wanted to lead a life completely and blindly dedicated to dogs and dogs only as I believe it narrows your mind when you simmer in dog show world with no other interests. Therefore, I am also Bachelor of Translation & Editing and a plain office clerk during the work hours, operating in niche tourism. Still, the dogs are my family and huge motivators propelling me towards future!

I have participated in FCI/LKD’s seminars on Dog Anatomy, Practical Breeding & Basic Genetics, and myself delivered a lecture “Breed Introduction: Whippets” in 2017.


Me and dogs: left side – with airedale Daina Miss Gold King in 1992 (Ufa, Russia), and right side – with whippet Haute Couture Romantika in 2008 (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Our dogs’ daily life: