About us

“Stabmeldys” is a small family kennel based in Lithuania and FCI/LKD registered in 2011. We live in the capital of Lithuania, beautiful Vilnius. We are just family of two, raising our dogs as family members & loving them with all heart. Our breeding is very limited and carefully planned.

I’ve been a member of Lithuanian Sighthounds Club (FCI/LKD member) for 10 years and the Club’s Board member in 2014-2017. Since 2017 I am a member of one of the oldest kennel societies in our country – Vilnius City Kennel Club (FCI/LKD member as well). I was involved in a dog scene since 1999, at first with schnauzers being schnauzer kennel assistant & handler, but my interest in sighthounds finally led to a purchase of a whippet puppy today known as our foundation bitch Ch Haute Couture Romantika. I value the true whippet type representing dogs with curvy “S” lines and moderate bodies, sporty and muscular.


Me and dogs: left side – with airedale Daina Miss Gold King in 1992 (Ufa, Russia), and right side – with whippet Haute Couture Romantika in 2008 (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Our dogs’ daily life: