Velaryon at Stabmeldys



Born 30-09-2016
Breeder Ramune Eugenija Tovstukha, Stabmeldys Whippets, Lithuania
Owner Kristina Bliumkinaite, Vilnius, Lithuania

Tricky has been the sweetest and at the same time the most unfortunate puppy in our V-litter. An extremely sweet guy, a kisser with his tongue always licking and his tail wagging, he had suffered knee trauma at the age of 4 months after a few fatal minutes off-leash on frozen ground. The crucial ligament on his right rear leg was torn, meniscus displaced, and due to wrong initial diagnosis he was treated merely with medication for almost 4 weeks before we noticed there is something not right about his healing. Tricky had a surgery performed on March 2nd by Dr. Valdas Vaitkus, the most renowned Lithuanian veterinary traumatology specialist, got an implant to fix his ligament.

Now Tricky is healing well, his right leg is fully functional, he walks, trots and runs free, however most likely he will remain limp for life. He lives in Vilnius in a family of whippet lovers who don’t mind his trauma and love him unconditionally. 

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Name origin: Velaryon at the Encyclopaedia of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire


3 months old

3 months old

3 months old


12 weeks old

12 weeks old

10 weeks old, photos by Guoda Kavaliauskaite

10 weeks old, photo by Guoda Kavaliauskaite

 Velaryon as a puppy: