Salcininkai NDS 23.08.2014

We have spent last Saturday, August 23, at the National Show held in Salcininkai town, about ~50km from our home. I had two of our gang with me – “Kris” CH Atomic Love at Stabmeldys entered in champion class, and her little daughter “Yochke” Shores in Flames at Stabmeldys, now 5.5 month old, had her second show in baby class.

Weather was very fine during the day, sunny but not hot, but actually it was the most disorganized show I’ve ever seen in last 15 years. The whippets were the first breed to be judged in the ring, scheduled for 11:00, and the ring was late for 1.5 hours! (and we were lucky enough, as some other breeds had their rings late for 2.5-3 hours that day…) Still I was totally thrilled with the results, as “Kris” CH Atomic Love at Stabmeldys was BOB and “Yochke” Shores in Flames at Stabmeldys got great description and was Best Baby.


↑ Shores in Flames at Stabmeldys (c) S.M. Photogallery 2014


↑ Atomic Love at Stabmeldys (c) S.M. Photogallery 2014

So we had to wait for the BIS rings and here it all started… first light rain and then just total shower… Baby BIS started at 20:00 when I was totally wet and just happy with the fact that dogs are safe, dry and warm in their cage. Yochke was selected to Best 5 in baby competition, and Kris ended up being Res. BIG. Getting home was a true pleasure. Both Kris and Yochke were also entered to the same show on Sunday, but I decided to stay at home for health sake – and I was right, as it was raining all the day and me and dogs were very happy to be at home instead of running in the ring under the pouring rain. Sometimes it’s really worth to miss the show ;)


Left to right: BOS Kotton Sateen Dominija and BOB Atomic Love at Stabmeldys


WHIPPET RESULTS 23 August 2014, judge Mr. Zaur Agabeyli (Azerbaijan)

Males open class:

ex.1, CAC – Prince Charming Tik Romantika

ex.2 – Absoliuti Idile Diamond of My Belief

v.g. – Absoliuti Idile Bob Marley

Males champion class:

ex. 1, CAC, Winner, BOS – Kotton Sateen Dominija

Males veteran class:

ex.1, VCAC, Best Veteran – Airescot Bridgewater Bobbie

Bitches baby class:

v.p.1, Baby BOB – Shores in Flames at Stabmeldys

Bitches junior class:

ex.1, JCAC, Best Junior – Avangardo Silva Lyra Allegiance

Bitches open class:

ex.1, CAC – Placebo Candy

ex.2 – Boxing Helena‘s Kon Gioia

Bitches champion class:

ex.1, CAC, Winner, BOB, BIG-2 – Atomic Love at Stabmeldys

ex.2 – Kashmere Glossy Dominija

Bitches veteran class:

ex.1, VCAC – Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija

salcininkai20140823_BOS_BOBLeft to right: BOS Kotton Sateen Dominija and BOB Atomic Love at Stabmeldys

Photos (c) S.M. Photogallery 2014