Paroda Kėdainiuose 2013.11.24.

Lapkritį itin aktyviai dalyvavome parodose. Paskutinė šio maratono paroda vyko lapkričio 24 d. Kėdainiuose. Šunų paroda čia rengiama tik antrus metus, o kadangi pernai nedalyvavome, dabar čia apsilankėme pirmą kartą. Į šią parodą registravau tik mūsų „mažylę“ Krysią „CH Atomic Love at Stabmeldys“, kuriai ši paroda jau iš anksto buvo ypatinga – čia turėjo būto jos debiutas čempionų klasėje.  Continue Reading →

Riga Speciality 9.11.2013


November’s Riga Speciality was supposed to be the most exciting show of the year 2013 – Latvian Sighthounds Club had invited Mrs Bitte Ahrens Primavera to judge this show. Showing my dogs to Bitte Ahrens was my longtime dream and it was really rare chance to do this just 300 kms away from home. So I have entered my both girls immediately after discovering that Gella haven’t got pregnant after her last mating which took place in July.

Unfortunately we always were very unlucky with Latvian shows, and this time it appeared to be the same – just 4 days before the show it was announced that the judge can’t come due to serious health issues. So the whippets were given to Mrs Rasme Ergle – Latvian borzoi breeder. I was not allowed to withdraw my dogs from the show, so we decided to come anyway, at least to see our relatives who live in Riga.

So we took part in the show, and despite the fact that our ring was late for 2 hours it wasn’t so bad:

Kris „Atomic Love at Stabmeldys“ was placed 4th with CQ in open class (6 bitches entered). Her description by Mrs Rasme Ergle: „Nice & feminine. Good head & expression, correct neck, good topline & underline. Enough front angulation, very good rear angulation. Free movement, nice temperament“.


Kris is second from the left, open class bitches

Gella „Haute Couture Tik Romantika“ had her second show performance this year and surprised me – she was placed 2nd with CQ in champion class out of 6 great bitches, just after her longtime rival Gemma „Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija“ who won the class. This reminded me of past years then Gella and Gemma was together competing in junior classes, great memories! Gella’s critique by Mrs Rasma Ergle: „7 years old, nice & feminine. Good head, nice size & proportions. Very good topline, very good angulations. Free movement, nice temperament.“

gella_champion_class_004Gella on the right, champion class bitches

So generally we very pleased with the results and spent the rest of the weekend resting with our Latvian family whom we always visit when coming to shows held in Riga. And I still hope to have a chance to show my whippets under Mrs Bitte Ahrens Primavera one day :)